Our Mission is (1) to provide the youth of Elmhurst with an inclusive and fun environment for kids of all skill levels to learn and participate in the game of lacrosse; and (2) to prepare them with the basic skills and understanding of the game to compete
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3 FREE  coaching clinics.  Each week will build on the following week to introduce you to the basics of the sport, strategies, and plays
Saturday, March 12 8:30-10 a.m.
Clinic 1
Coaches will learn the proper mechanics to pass, catch, shoot, and pick up ground balls.  It is important for all league coaches to understand the proper cues and technique to educate the players and demonstrate each skill.  True Lacrosse will also provide and demonstrate a series of drills that can be implemented throughout the season that will advance beginners and experienced players.  Practice plans will also be provided and discussed so coaches can understand how to effectively prepare for competition.  

Saturday, March 19th 8:30-10 a.m.
Clinic 2
True Lacrosse will cover offensive and defensive strategies and sets.  Coaches will learn how to educate players on motion offense and plays.  Man to man and zone defense will also be covered with slide packages.  It is important for coaches to be able to implement certain offensive and defensive strategies to counter opposing teams.

Saturday, April 9th 8:30-10 a.m.
Clinic 3
In this session coaches will learn advanced lacrosse concepts.  Rides, clears, man-up, & man-down plays will be covered.  Coaches will be able to have plays designated for certain situations during the game.  True Lacrosse will demonstrate and provide hand-outs so coaches will be prepared to implement them in practice.
True Lacrosse
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